Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ovation Awards are Here! Cast your vote!

Today is the launch of the new Ovation Awards presented by Applause. This is a new way to showcase the best mobile apps of the year across iOS and Android.  The Ovation Awards will be honoring 200 apps as finalists across 10 categories (10 iOS finalists and 10 Android finalists for each category).  Once the 200 apps are selected there will be a popular vote, and then a panel of judges will make the final selections. It’s a little like a People’s Choice award - except for the final judging. :-)   Check out this blog for details.

Help promote your favorite apps by going to (link no longer works) and vote. Use #OvationAwards on Twitter when you've finished voting.  

I am helping out and promoting this event because I feel it is something that truly will recognize the efforts of the different app makers out there (  Awards coming from the Testing community is something different.  I think it may be of more value than other awards to the app owners and developers as we know many of these apps inside and out.  
Let’s make this a great way for mobile apps to get the recognition they deserve from the actual users!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My uTest University Course - How to Talk to Mobile Developers: 6 Tips for Testers

I was recently asked to contribute a course for uTest University.  I decided on something hopefully unique and more importantly, useful. Techies are not always the best communicators in the world.  So I wrote about tips for testers talking with mobile developers.  These are based on my observations and will not solve every communication problem.  However I think it is something that needs to be addressed and hopefully it will generate lots of useful discussion.  The link to the course is here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Interviewing and Tips

I strongly dislike the interview process having gone through it myself many times. I find it very difficult to tell the story of your testing journey in an hour or so.  Plus trying to prove that you are worthy can be disconcerting. I have been lucky in my last few jobs as I was recommended by developers. Even though these interviews were still grueling and merciless, job offers were extended.

Depending on the article you read (123), anywhere from 60-90% of jobs are landed through internal or networking referrals.  So it helps to build good relationships with your co-workers and friends.